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Kitsault is a purpose-built resource community with complete community infrastructure and housing for more than 1000 residents, nearly 350 acres of industrial and residential land, full BC Hydro service, and a deep water port.

The infrastructure in place in and around Kitsault will also allow for an accelerated start to the creation of an LNG plant and energy export facility.  Kitsault already has staff housing, utilities, land, as well as multiple airport facilities, including an unused long runway airport at Nass Camp, one hour from Kitsault and 75 minutes from Terrace.  Kitsault can also be accessed by float plane, helicopter, road, ship and boat.  Land exists to establish a runway in Kitsault itself.

Kitsault makes both economic and environmental sense as the preferred location to be the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal site for the export of natural gas (LNG) from North East British Columbia to Asia and other markets.

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Kitsault Town Photo