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Jobs, skills, training.  In a recent budget, the federal government said it plans to tackle the nation's skills mismatch and financially assist businesses to get workers trained as they see fit.  Too often there are jobs without people and people without jobs.  Companies need to identify workers and invest in them.  Canada needs more people in the skilled trades as well as practical professions.  Training should take place where training is needed.

The need has never been greater to combine industry connections, educational support and First Nations cultural understanding.  Training and placement programs will bring pride and prosperity to First Nations communities.  Kitsault Energy plans to partner with government agencies, educational institutions and existing Aboriginal training organizations.  Kitsault Energy is not just looking for skilled workers but to develop long-term partnerships and leaders.  Kitsault Energy will have preferential hiring practices so that nearby First Nations communities may benefit the most from employment and business opportunities both in and around Kitsault.  At present the Town of Kitsault has houses, buildings and shops that can be used for housing and training purposes.  There will be an effort to provide employment opportunities for everyone from teens to people in their 60s.  These jobs will vary from entry-level work to professional and managerial positions.  Non-traditional training programs will introduce women to high paying jobs, for example as pipe fitters and electricians, so that they can ensure better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

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