Access Map


Kitsault is connected by road from Terrace and from Kitwanga (junction of Highways 16 and 37). It is 200 km from Terrace (112 km paved) and 178 km from Kitwanga (76 km paved).  Travel time between Kitsault and Terrace is approximately 3.5 - 4 hours.

The roads are regularly maintained through the year except in the winter months.  As you drive along, you will view abundant wildlife - Black Bear, Kermode Bear, Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Fox, Lynx and Grouse are some we often see.


There is access to Kitsault by boats, ferries and ships from Gingolx (1.5 hr) and from Prince Rupert 168km (104 miles) (3 hrs).  The Depth of the channel of Alice Arm is approximately 350 ft on average.


For faster trips into the town, one may use a float plane or a helicopter from Prince Rupert, a 0.5-1 hour journey.  Prince Rupert is approximately 2-2.5 hours from Vancouver International Airport.  There are docking facilities for float planes and a number of landing locations in and around the town for helicopters.

There is a 900 m long airstrip in Nass Camp (88 km from Kitsault) that could be made available for commercial use.  There is land enough to build a similar air strip close to Kitsault.


  • Ferry Access
  • Float Plane Access
  • Helicopter Access
  • Airport
  • BC Highway 16
  • BC Highway 37
  • Nisga'a Highway (BC Hwy 113)