Kitsault Map


Kitsault is a modern resource community located in a spectacular location.  Situated on British Columbia's rugged northern coast, Kitsault is found at the head of Alice Arm, the eastern extension of Observatory Inlet.  By air, the unincorporated town site of Kitsault is 140km northeast of Prince Rupert, 115km northwest of Terrace, and 850km north of Vancouver.  The border of Alaska is only 35km west of Kitsault, with the long narrow waterway of the Portland Canal forming the boundary between British Columbia and Alaska.

Kitsault has a complete community infrastructure and housing for more than 1,000 residents with nearly 350 acres of industrial land, full BC Hydro service, and a deep water port.  Kitsault is a proposed location for a dedicated Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal site for the export of natural gas from North East BC to Asia and other markets.  An export terminal at Kitsault for LNG operation will have the shortest natural gas pipeline for the projects currently proposed in that region, saving 100 to 300 kilometers of pipeline at a cost savings of 1 to 3 Billion CAD/USD.

LNG pipeline routing to Kitsault has already been proposed.  Kitsault Energy is in the process of consulting First Nations communities about training, education and employment opportunities.

Kitsault Map


Housing Photo