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When Kitsault was built in the 1970s as a resource town, it attracted workers from across Canada and around the world.  The goal was to have a settled workforce in an industry town rooted in strong values.  To this day people who lived, worked and grew up in Kitsault fondly remember those high paying jobs and rewarding careers while living in a vibrant community nestled in a pristine environment.  It is estimated that to replace Kitsault would require a quarter of a billion dollars.  Thanks to the vision and beliefs of Krishnan Suthanthiran, who bought the town in 2005, Kitsault is on the cusp of a rebirth.  Kitsault Energy promises to bring out the best in all people and to accommodate First Nation culture and traditions to the training and employment process.

Since Kitsault was first developed, people are more aware of tougher environmental standards to protect the environment and require community acceptance of any projects.  There have been great improvements in technology that have produced better operational systems to reduce health risks.  There are environmental benefits from expanding the use of natural gas domestically and abroad.  As the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, natural gas combusts 50% cleaner than coal and emits fewer toxic substances.

It is imperative that First Nations participate in the planning, operations and environmental management of major projects.  First Nation stewardship and respectful relationship to the land will ensure that Kitsault Energy benefit current and future generations.  A town is ready for its greatest resource - a ready, willing and trained workforce.

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