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There is a wide range of job opportunities that can be offered to men and women who want to work in the LNG sector.  Kitsault Energy can help workers develop the necessary skills to fit the needs of the LNG industry.  Industry partnerships and community buy-in will assure candidates develop skills that meet the needs of the LNG industry.

Kitsault Energy Training and Employment Network (KETEN) is a non-profit association devoted to preparing men and women for sustainable careers within the full cycle of LNG development and operations.

It will collaborate with neighbouring First Nations communities right from the beginning and at all levels to see that training programs are tailor made to meet the needs and skills of their candidates and emphasize the practical component of training.

Training will be focused on skilled trades that are required (such as pipe fitting, power engineering and cement finishing) but will also include education and training related to ancillary services and other community needs such as book-keeping, management and other services.

Kitsault Energy workers will be the best trained to create economic health for themselves and their communities through skills training, education and career opportunities.  Kitsault Energy will balance strong traditional First Nation values with 21st century resources and realities and provide First Nations with the tools to implement financial and community goals to shape their economic destinies.  Kitsault Energy will help transform First Nations living conditions and close the gap between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in measures of income, education, health and living standards.

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